The United State of Washington DC?

I usually don’t crosspost articles, but this one was too good to pass up. We’ve said repeatedly that the USA has transformed from a free republic to an oppressive empire: in a free republic, each member state is sovereign, in the US Empire, unelected bureaucrats in Washington set “policy” on all things imaginable: from what elements you can get out of the ground to what foods you can grow on your land. Anyhow, as this article points out, it appears the Federal Government is poised to remove all doubt about the state of the Republic:

It has become clear the Federal government is the driving force behind the financial troubles of the States; every Federal incentive is for the States to overspend as explained in The Nature of the Beast, judicial activism, the general welfare, and the butterfly effect, and What went wrong with our Republic.

Who benefits when the States go bankrupt?The-United-State-of-DC1-thumb

What ever happened to our language?

The deteriorating state of language in our society today is something I enjoy pointing out and commenting on from time to time. The most obvious and agregious violations of plain and proper English are committed in Washington, DC – a place where seemingly normal people from across the United States congregate to torture a language most of us use on a daily basis to communicate with others. Of course, the communication that takes place in Washington, DC and between the bureaucrats there and the people they supposedly represent is quite different from the sort of communication we normal folks use. The destruction of our langauge has had a trickle down effect, starting in the major power centers (among them DC, NYC and Hollywood) and slowly but steadily reaching the rest of us via television, printed media and the corporate world where some of us are forced to seek employment. Short words which used to convey simple, concrete ideas have been lengthened into phrases which can more easily be confused and twisted. This represents a step backwards in human communication, of course. For example, talents, skills and abilities are now suddenly your “skill set” – notice that two words have now been substituted where previously one sufficed very nicely. One presumably stores one’s skill set in one’s tool box. This latter phrase was frequently used during the recent financial crisis, with one Federal bureaucrat after another speaking before Congress and the media about the Federal Reserve’s “tool box.” They were simply referring to their powers or abilities – things they could do. But “tool box” made them sound more pro-active, more down-to-Earth and it also slightly confused the issue by introducing a new buzz word that the media could (and did) repeat a billion times. Of course, numerous other examples abound and I’m sure you run into them quite often. Any time you deal with government (and as a general rule, the higher one goes in government the more one has to deal with such language) or the corporate world this sort of language is inevitable.

Secessionists prevail in southern Sudan

Nearly 99 percent of southern Sudanese voters have chosen to split off from northern Sudan and form their own country, according to preliminary results of an independence referendum conducted this month. The commission that ran the referendum said Friday that 98.6 percent voted for secession, and 1.4 percent voted for unity, according to more than 3 million votes cast, which brings the largest country in Africa a step closer to splitting in two…. Voters in nearly every state in the south chose independence by 99 percent; in Eastern Equatoria, only 229 people voted for unity with the north out of 455,466 votes, according to the preliminary results…. Now the wait begins. Southern Sudan will not achieve formal independence until July 9, when the United States-backed peace treaty that put the referendum in motion is set to expire. By then southern Sudan hopes to pick a national anthem and a name; leading contenders are Nile Republic and South Sudan.south

What in the Hell is Wrong with You?

Editor’s Note: I saw this post on and I thought it was brilliant, so I am cross-posting it here:

by Daniel Miller, Texas Nationalist Movement

This is the “question of the day” today. Actually, for me, this has been the question of the day, every day, for 14 years. You see, I get it. Sort of. Well, not really.

See my problem here?

I seem to experience waves of frustration watching the people of Texas dealing with the Federal Government. Personally, I made my conclusion a long time ago that Texas needed to secede and become an independent nation. I also know that many others have arrived at that conclusion as well.battered_woman_2_large-243x300

For the 14 years since I arrived at that conclusion I have watched the people of Texas shoved around by a Federal Government drunk on power. They go through a succession of governmental functionaries from one of the two major parties only to wind up with more government, less freedom and more abuse. Unfortunately for me, although I know the truth and what the solution is, the rest of the people of Texas have not reached the mental and emotional place of safety where I reside.

Big Changes Have Come to Third Palmetto Republic

After nearly a year of running Third Palmetto Republic, we have decided to change its focus and its organization. There are many reasons for this, mostly because the main two drivers of this group are relatively young and have to work for a living, so we don’t have the time or the money required to run a political organization.SC

We have officially dissolved the non-profit corporation, which means we won’t be taking donations, holding rallies, having meetings, or doing anything else officially as an organization.

However, we will continue to run this website and use it to spread articles, information, and materials that support the idea of Independence. For a clear explanation of our new focus, please see the updated “about” page, which begins:

Utah Moves to End the Fed

The following is cross-posted from the Utah Tenth Amendment Center:

Two weeks ago, the Utah Senate passed HB317, a bill which will legalize gold and silver as tender within the state of Utah and exempt the exchange (purchase) of such specie from sales and capital gains taxes. Having already passed the House, the bill will now be sent to Governor Herbert to be signed into law, should he so decide.

This type of bill is one that is becoming increasingly popular throughout the country, with multiple states introducing and considering such legislation. Though Utah is now the first state to have a legislature approve of the idea, the sustained momentum of getting other states to review the proposal demonstrates the resiliency of the campaign for sound money. With the U.S. Dollar plummeting in value, this is an issue that will become more popular as time goes on.

As the author of the bill noted in a Fox News article on the subject, this bill will allow Utahns to better prepare for financial turmoil ahead, more easily diversifying into currency with a long history of stability.

It’s a No Knock Raid

One of the tactics the Feds use to maintain their Empire and to keep the populace in check is to give Federal police extraordinary powers, above and beyond that of the local police. They also initiate programs (like the “war on drugs”) that local police forces can participate in and get tons of cash for, but only if they abide by the Federal rules.

One of the powers the police now have is something called a “No Knock Raid” or a “No Knock Warrant” in which they can burst into a private residence, shoot anything that moves, arrest everyone on site and then search for drugs and weapons. As Michael often points out, as bad as this tyranny sounds, it doesn’t always hit home with people unless they hear it in song form, so here is a music video called “It’s a No Knock Raid.” (Warning: language, disturbing footage)

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