Third Palmetto Republic is a political blog written by a few folks in South Carolina who believe in the independence of every individual and the natural right to your own life and to do with it as you see fit, so long as you abide by the non-aggression principle. To that end, we publish articles and materials on the subject of government to illustrate its evils and educate our fellow South Carolinians and anyone else who might be interested.

A replica of the Ft. Moultrie Flag

The Palmetto Republic was created by South Carolina when its constitution went into effect in March of 1776. Before the Declaration of Independence was even a rough draft, South Carolina had broken free of the British Empire and created their own government. We have a reputation, of sorts, in that department, and again on December 20, 1860 we declared our independence until February 8, 1861 when we joined the Confederate States of America.

Well, today we find ourselves living in a new era of statism, where government coercion and force have found indirect means to exert totalitarian control over the people, creating a new empire of sorts: The United States of America. This empire controls foreign nations through foreign “aid,” trade restrictions, and a network of over 1000 military installations. It controls the several states through mandated spending programs, federal funding of state budgets, and the ever present threat to hold back federal money if the states don’t fall in line. It controls individuals through the income tax, currency manipulation, and a vast matrix of millions of regulations that make one a criminal simply for attempting to earn a living.

Sadly, there is no longer any entity that stands in defense of the individual, as the federal government has abandoned any semblance of republicanism, the several states have been converted into merely provincial offices of the federal government, and the local governments have jumped onto the gravy train and become just as tyrannical as the others. The good news is that this cannot last. Eventually, the parasitic entity that we call government will run out of other people’s money, and will meet its grizzly end. At this time the defense of the individual will be back in the hands of the individual, unless the people make the grave mistake of empowering another coercive state.

When the inevitable collapse of this atrocity arrives, we hope to inspire a Third Palmetto Republic, this time founded on the objectively moral right of each individual to govern themselves, and consisting of either a loose confederation of local, voluntary governments, or no government at all. That is why we are here, and why we write these articles. We hope you can learn something from all of this and that you will be prepared to lead the world out of the darkness of statism when the time comes.

If you’re interested in writing on this site, then please contact us.

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