It’s a No Knock Raid

One of the tactics the Feds use to maintain their Empire and to keep the populace in check is to give Federal police extraordinary powers, above and beyond that of the local police. They also initiate programs (like the “war on drugs”) that local police forces can participate in and get tons of cash for, but only if they abide by the Federal rules.

One of the powers the police now have is something called a “No Knock Raid” or a “No Knock Warrant” in which they can burst into a private residence, shoot anything that moves, arrest everyone on site and then search for drugs and weapons. As Michael often points out, as bad as this tyranny sounds, it doesn’t always hit home with people unless they hear it in song form, so here is a music video called “It’s a No Knock Raid.” (Warning: language, disturbing footage)

How much longer will people live under the rule of these savages? When will people realize that the government is nothing but a gang, and stop giving them legitimacy by demanding that they control drugs, alcohol, marriage, etc?

Some people say if we were to stand up to the government we’d start a new war. Secession would start another Civil War [sic], collapse of the government would be all out chaos and anarchy, etc. Well I have news for those people, as this map points out, we’re already at war with the government:

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