Secessionists prevail in southern Sudan

Nearly 99 percent of southern Sudanese voters have chosen to split off from northern Sudan and form their own country, according to preliminary results of an independence referendum conducted this month. The commission that ran the referendum said Friday that 98.6 percent voted for secession, and 1.4 percent voted for unity, according to more than 3 million votes cast, which brings the largest country in Africa a step closer to splitting in two…. Voters in nearly every state in the south chose independence by 99 percent; in Eastern Equatoria, only 229 people voted for unity with the north out of 455,466 votes, according to the preliminary results…. Now the wait begins. Southern Sudan will not achieve formal independence until July 9, when the United States-backed peace treaty that put the referendum in motion is set to expire. By then southern Sudan hopes to pick a national anthem and a name; leading contenders are Nile Republic and South Sudan.south

Well good for the people of Southern States of Sudan! I’m happy that they were allowed self-determination – something that the people of the Southern States of the USA were not allowed. The US Federal Government is highly supportive of the rights of Southerners in Sudan while violently opposed to the rights of Southerners in the USA.

South Carolinians should easily be able to see the hypocrisy of the US position on secession. The Feds have no principle when it comes to this (or any other) question. They pick and choose in which countries they will happily support or violently oppose secession. Clearly, the Feds do not believe in liberty and self-determination.

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